Columbian Center - Banquet & Event Hall, Wedding Receptions, Bingo Fundraisers

Rental Rates & Packages (as of March 30, 2019 )NO DATES HELD WITHOUT A SIGNED CONTRACT AND DEPOSIT


Friday evening:       $2,000  
Saturday evening:   $2,500  
Sunday evening:     $1,900                 *Rental rates are for (4) Four Hour Event. 

Set-up & clean-up fee: $500/event. Administrative fee: $300/event.

Daily rates, Monday thru Thursday 9 am - 4 pm: $190/hour, 4 hour minimum.

Fee for all Purse, Jewelry, Basket style bingo events is $1,625, not to exceed 300 clients. Up to 100 additional clients, add $450.

Standard rental rate includes 2 hours prior for decorating. Extra hours for decorating: $800 minimum for up to 4 hours. Additional hours will be charged at $200/hour. No confetti or rice allowed as part of hall decorations. Items cannot be taped to walls; stick pins only may be used.   

SPECIAL NOTE:  Sweet 15 (Quinceañera) event, add $1,500 in addition to STANDARD rates stated above. Security will be required at additional costs.
Discounts are available for non-profit and charity organizations, including veterans, police, fire and other first responders.

Please inquire about special or non-standard rental arrangements!

Hall capacity is 350 with table seating, 730 with auditorium seating. 

The Columbian Center closes at 12 am. 

Main Hall -  With in-house catering, standard rates:                                            

100-150  Guests  $90 / person*
151-200  Guests  $80 / person*
201-250  Guests  $70 / person*
251-300  Guests  $60 / person*            *Additional charges for exceeding client count.

Price includes Hall Rental, set-up fees, meal, beer, wine, soda, 2 bartenders, china plates, and silverware. Meals are served Buffet Style.  Special menu requests add $6 / person to base price per person. 20% service charge and 6% Maryland sales tax added to final bill.

Bar Room & Lounge -  Without in-house catering, standard rates:

$800 for four-hour rental includes 2 hours customer set-up before event and 1 hour customer clean-up after event.

Extra hours: $175/hour. 
Set-up & clean-up fee: $400/event. Administrative fee: $300/event.

Discounts available for non-profit and charity organizations, military, veterans, and police. Lounge capacity is 80 with bar seating.

Bar Room & Lounge -  With in-house catering, standard rates:

50-60  Guests  $3720.
61-70  Guests  $3920
71-80  Guests  $4320

Fifty (50) guest minimum for in-house catering.  All bookings include beer, wine, soda, bartender, and buffet style service. 20% service charge and 6% Maryland sales tax added to final bill.

Kitchen & Caterer:

Customer and/or caterer use of commercial kitchen: $600/event. Caterer extra hours: $90/hour. Caterers entry two (2) hours prior. A food service license, insurance certificate and food waiver are required.

Only the following items in the kitchen may be used: ovens, grill, sinks, prep tables, walk-in refrigerator. Caterers required to remove all trash, clean kitchen and buffet area. Caterers must provide linens, napkins, and non-consumables for their event. 

Bar Service: 

Bar service packages are available (without in-house catering):

Beer, Soda                              $18 / person 
Beer, Wine, Soda                    $23 / person
Beer, Wine, Soda, Liquor        $29 / person              

Open Bar (liquor and mixed drinks) service for events with In-House Catering is available for an additional fee of $15.50 / person. Bartenders and servers are $125/each for events. 9% Maryland alcohol sales tax added to final bill.

Bar Opens 10 minutes prior to the event and Closes 10 minutes prior to the end of the event.   NO BYOB ALLOWED. There is no EXCEPTION to this rule. NO BYOB or Bring Your Own Bottle. We will confiscate all unauthorized Alcohol and it could force the cancellation of your event.


Minimum Non-Refundable Deposit: $600 or 25% of total charges, whichever is less. All balances must be paid 10 days prior NO-EXCEPTIONS. Cash, check, or money order only. NO CREDIT CARDS. Failure to notify Columbian Center of cancellation or change, in writing, 30 days prior to will constitute non-compliance by client or booking agent. There is no refund of deposit. 

Bingo & Game Licenses: 

For 501(c)(3) groups using wheels of chance, group must obtain a "U" license from Anne Arundel County and abide by other state and local rules applied to the use of these items. Fees for wheels are $50/each. Groups also must obtain a bingo license for any bingo event.

Liquor Licenses:  PLEASE NOTE that if a client fails to obtain a One-Day Liquor License, NO Alcohol of any type will be served.

CUSTOMERS are responsible to obtain and provide a one-day liquor license to the Columbian Center 10 days prior to events with bar service. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Anne Arundel County liquor license charges: Beer/Wine $25, Beer/Wine/Liquor $50, payable by check or money order to AACO Liquor Board. Signers must provide a copy of their Driver's License to the Liquor Board, along with the Notarized Application.


If hired to serve alcoholic beverages along with providing food service, a caterer will be required to pay an additional fee of $500 in advance, in addition to all other charges.

All ticketed events and events where Minors will be present will be required to arrange for Security Personnel at an additional cost.

Rates and prices are subject to change without notice. Dates are not held unless a contract is signed and an initial deposit is made. 

NO UNLICENSED ALCOHOL is allowed inside or outside the premises.
Smokers are asked to stand 20 feet away from any entrances.

To plan your next event, PLEASE SUBMIT A REQUEST FORM, which is on our Contact Us page.

Free WI-FI Available

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